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Complaint no.1

Date: 10.02.2024 20:45

 Leah Catullo, pilot No. 34, received a penalty ERR - Error in circuit during task 3, despite completing the task correctly. She did not make a wrong turn; rather, she made a course correction. We would like to request to view the camera footage from her flight together with the competition director.

Competition Director answer:

REJECTED. Upon the video published in the stream it is clear that pilot took wrong side of pylon in the turn four. Pattern of task 5-6-M16 is clear and passing the pylon from other side than correct is considered as ERR regardless next move. Exact time of situation is 4:47:05 of official stream from competition available on youtube.

Complaint no.2

Date: 10.02.204

Johnson Qu, Pilot #33 on PF1 Task 3, 5-6-M16 got a penalty DNF - Did Not Finish. Johnson flew task 3 successfully.

Competition Director answer:

REJECTED. DNF - Did not fly penalty was issued upon fourth Take-off attempt made by the pilot. During competition day it was decided to let the pilot complete the task and make further investigtion upon the case. After gaining sufficient information upon incident we have not found reason to not penalize the pilot in the same way as other pilots.

Complaint no.3

Date: 10.02.2024 21:05

Pilot number 14 PL1 Wojciech Panas asks for the basis on which he was punished in task no. 4. (4-5-M11). not passing the opening time. The pilot claims that he opened the flight time correctly.

Competition Director answer:

REJECTED. Upon the investigation performed it was clearly stated by scorer and time keeper crew that pilot pass with altitude which made time opening unable (too high)

Complaint no.4

Date: 11.02.2024 7:39

1) can you check task 1from maxim i think he diserve the time without penalty. foto and movie send by messenger upload don’t work

2)position 21 has 88pointz in front of pilots with68 points

3) if maxim his scoring stays the same you need to put cris in front of maxim with 1 point difference

4) in ex aequo what’s the rule to put one pilot in front of the other or give them the same position

Competition Director answer:

1. REJECTED - Pilot does not follow the pattern of the task 2. ACCEPTED - The overall will be corrected 3. ACCEPTED - The overall will be corrected. 4. Same points = same position.



Protest no1

Date: 11.02.2024 12:37 AM

Regarding: Task 3 (5-6-M-16), Pilot: Leah Catullo (No 34), The US Team 
Leah Catullo, pilot No. 34, received a penalty ERR - Error in circuit during task 3. 
The competition director rejected the complaint, stating that "the pilot took the wrong side of the pylon in turn 4" However, taking "the wrong side of the pylon in turn 4" for Leah Catullo was not a result of a mistake but rather a necessary course adjustment due to a piloting imperfection at Pylon Number 3. At Pylon Number 3, she banked the wing too strongly, as clearly seen in the video at 4:47 (screenshot below). This aggressive turn, while a pilot imperfection, was correct in terms of the slalom course. It caused her to be unable to make it to the left side of the pylon. She simply could not correct the flight course to pass the pylon on the correct side according to the slalom course of that task. Attempting to do so would have risked stalling the left side of the wing or hitting the pylon. Instead, she had no choice but to continue in the direction where the wing was going and make a 360-degree turn to come back to the correct course. We believe that this is clearly visible in the live stream video. The additional 360-degree turn caused her a significant delay in the final result of the task but should not be penalized with an ERR, as it was simply a performance issue in terms of piloting. We request the cancellation of the ERR penalty for Leah Catullo in task 3



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